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Message from the President

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Hi all,

I hope you and your families have all been safe.

I would just like to give everyone an update on what to expect moving forward.

The competition is currently set to kick off on 18 July, with training officially commencing on 1 July.

This decision will be reviewed by NSWRL on 1 June, where a decision will be made to either keep the current dates or commence the season earlier.

In line with the NSWRL policy, teams MUST NOT hold any training sessions until 1 July.



The layout of the competition has not yet been decided. Options range from a 7 week competition with no finals (first place on the ladder wins) to an 8 week comp with 2 week finals.

NSWRL is working with various districts and councils to determine what can be done.

Once I have confirmation of what the competition will look like, I’ll let you all know.


What should we be doing to better prepare?

The first is make sure you maintain frequent contact with your players and their parents and ensure that the club is working very hard with the Junior Rugby League in complying with all the mandatory requirements in keeping our players safe and back on the field as soon as possible.

Coaches, trainers, managers and all ! Please make sure that you have all responded to any requests made by Matt or myself regarding registrations and clearances.


There are very important announcements that would be made prior to the commencement of the season this year.

This will include the implementation of new Hygiene practices (which the club already instituted prior to the suspension of the season), a new club roster for training (to remove an influx of players and staff at the park at one given time) and new requirements or policies made by either NSWRL , CBJRL and or JLA in the COVID-19 era.

Please keep a close eye on any emails or messages regarding any announcements.

I also note that Matt has done an excellent job in keeping you all in the loop regarding the announcements made by CBJRL.

Any feedback please forward them onto him or myself.


Warm Regards,
Ali Mehanna,

Our email address is