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2020 Bankstown Bulls JRLFC Inc Life Membership Nominations

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Nominations are now open for 2020 Life Membership of the Bankstown Bulls Junior Rugby League Football Club Incorporated.

To be considered for Life Membership the member must have given either 10 consecutive years of volunteer service or exceptional volunteer service to the Bankstown Bulls JRLFC Inc. and/or previous club identities Bankstown Cougars, Bankstown Collegians and/or Bankstown City.

A maximum of three (3) persons can be appointed as life members in each financial year.

A member can only submit one (1) nomination for life person each financial year. Any additional nominations from the one person shall not be considered.

A nomination by a person for Life Membership of the club must be:
– made in writing; and
– proposed by a member of the club not being a relative of the nominee; and
– seconded by another member of the club not being a relative of the nominee or the proposer; and
– delivered (includes electronic means) to the secretary of the club before the close of applications.

Nominations close for Life Membership 31 October 2020.

Following any nominations the Executive Committee will consider all nominations and if successful The Secretary will notify the nominee in writing that they have been nominated for Life Membership and the nominee will need to approve their acceptance.

See attached form or copy/paste questions below and email (Attention: The Secretary). In the email please CC the seconder for the Life Membership nomination.

2020 Bulls Life Membership Nomination Form

Return by email to The Secretary

Nominations must be submitted to the above email by 16 October 2020

Life Member Nomination:
Positions & Roles held by Member:
Reason for Nomination:
Proposed By:
Seconded By:

By signing this form the proposer has truthfully the submitted reasons of Life Membership nomination and the seconder agrees with the reasons and the nomination.

Additional Comments:

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