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Premiership Photos


We are still researching photos from 1963 to the current day for Bankstown De La Salle, Bankstown Central, Bankstown Collegians, Bankstown City, Bankstown Cougars and Bankstown Bulls email them to

Premierships List

Bankstown Collegians 1982 F/Grade (15) Premiers #21 Coach Wayne Dewberry Captain Mark Vella

Bankstown Collegians 1984 H/Res (13) Premiers #26

Bankstown City 1987 E/Grade (16) Premiers #28 Coach Ron Harmer

Bankstown Bulls 2005 U11/Res Premiers #49 Coach John Sleiman

Bankstown Bulls 2007 Under 13/R Premiers #53 Coach Abdul Nabhan

Bankstown Bulls 2010 Under 11/1 Premiers #58 Coach Rodrigo Villar Snr Captain Rodrigo Villar Jnr

Bankstown Bulls 2011 Under 14/1 Premiers #60 Coach Richard Kariouz Captain Alex Park (featuring Jordan Mailata Philadelphia Eagles NRL backrow)

Bankstown Bulls 2010 Under 16/1 Premiers #59 Coach Danny Safetly Captain Halauafu Lavaka

Bankstown Bulls 2013 Under 9/2 Premiers #62 Coach Robert Mehrez Captain Penieli Faoa

Bankstown Bulls 2013 Under 10/2 Premiers #63 Coach Stan Hetaraka Captain Jonathan Chan Kum Tong

Bankstown Bulls 2013 Under 13/3 Premiers #64 Coach Ted Edsayed Captain Jonah Moors

Bankstown Bulls 2014 Under 11/3 Premiers #65 Coach Daniel Safetly Captain Mohamed Saleh

Bankstown Bulls 2015 Under 19/1 Premiers #66 Coach Abdul Nabhan Captain Reegan Carr

Bankstown Bulls 2015 Under 19/2 Premiers #67 Coach Walid Abboud Captain Jake Safetly

Bankstown Bulls 2015 Under 14/3 Premiers #68 Coach David Tarabay Captain Jared Younan

Bankstown Bulls 2016 Under 9/3 Premiers #69 Coach Danny Farah Captain Jad Salamah

Bankstown Bulls 2016 Under 12/1 Premiers #70 Coach Steven Matai Captain Paul Alamoti

Bankstown Bulls 2016 Under 14/1 Premiers #71 Coach Lawrence Karam Captain Tayson Fakaosi

Bankstown Bulls 2017 Under 11/2P Premiers #72 Coach Victor Barakat Captain Joshua Tonga

Bankstown Bulls 2018 Under 12/2 Premiers #74 Coach George Najjar Captain Tylah Slate

Bankstown Bulls 2018 Under 16/1 Premiers #75 Coach George Farah Captain Diego Bravo-Graham

Bankstown Bulls 2019 Under 9/3 Premiers #76 Coach Andrew Hadchiti Captain Onfire for JC Florian

Bankstown Bulls 2019 Under 10/2 Premiers #77 Coach Rabih Chamma Captain Mahmoud El Sanoussi

Bankstown Bulls 2020 U14/2 Premiers #78 Coach George Najjar Captain Tylah Slate

Premierships List

Bankstown Bulls Junior Rugby League Football Club Inc.